BALL-BAND had been making high-quality footwear in Mishawaka, Indiana for over 50 years when they launched their first “sport shoe” in 1951 — Red Ball Jets. Made alongside foam, adhesives, and rubber in the Mishawaka Woolen & Rubber Mfg. Co., the performance enhancing rubber sole and signature red dot set Red Ball Jets apart, and earned them their status as a true original.

black and white image of the original red ball jets
magazine cut out from the original red ball jets
white and red original red ball jet sneakers


Unique in form and function, Red Ball Jets have stepped high from the moment they took off. A state-of-the-art Triple Cushion Arch Gard offered real comfort and natural support, proving to be a true advantage over their flat-footed rivals. For 20 years they rose above and continued to offer new styles, sought after by trendsetters everywhere. Unfortunately, in 197 the brand was grounded indefinitely when BALL-BAND sold the rights to the United States Rubber Co., better known as Uniroyal. 

a vintage advertisement from the red ball jets
a boy wearing red ball jets with his puppy
a magazine ad promoting the red ball jets in 1964


In 2021 the brand has taken off once more, returning with the ’51 Hi — named in tribute to their original year of release. The last original sneaker is back with a nod to the past, but an eye on the future. Red Ball Jets is the brand serving fresh kicks with modern comfort, built for you: the individualist, the taste-maker, the trailblazer. We’ll build the sneakers — the rest is up to you.